Which ingredients make MaleExtra so potent?

23 Aug

In order to find out how efficient and how beneficial a natural supplement is, you have to find out more about the ingredients that have been used for the formula and which are responsible for these effects. In case of MaleExtra, it is also important to remember that the amount of the ingredients that you get in a single serving is much larger than in other competing products. This means that besides the ingredients being important for the effects, their amount is as well. However, we would now like to look at some of the most important ingredients found in MaleExtra, as they are, bottom line, responsible for the beneficial effects.

One of the absolutely most important ingredients in MaleExtra and one that you will not find in the majority of similar products is pomegranate extract, called ellagic 70%. It is a very expensive ingredient which is why it is not that common, but the manufacturer of MaleExtra wanted you to have the best possible formula to provide you with the benefits. It is the closest thing you will find in nature to Viagra and it is essential for the enhanced erections that you acquire with MaleExtra. Furthermore, it improves the libido and increases the pleasure that you get form intercourse.

L-arginine is another important ingredient in the MaleExtra formula because it further improves the erections by boosting levels of nitric oxide. It enhances the blood flow into your penis and thus brings about a number of benefits for the quality of your erections.

Muira Puama is yet another of the MaleExtra ingredients and it also works on a number of levels. For instance, it increases your sex drive but it also improves the erections, making them harder. MSM is an acronym that stands form methyl sulfonyl methane, which rejuvenates the cells in the penis, thus allowing for more blood to enter the penis and improve the erections.

Epimedium sagittatum is also called horny goat weed and its name tells you a lot. It is an incredible booster of libido and it also causes relaxation of the smooth muscles in the blood vessels. As a result of this, not only is your libido enhanced, but also the blood flow into the penis and as a result, the quality of the erections you will achieve.

Tongkat Ali is another ingredient that you will not find in most of the similar products and it works in so many ways that it would be alone enough to boost your performance to new levels. It increases libido and can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It enhances the production of testosterone, which can lead to increase in sexual stamina, endurance, as well as fertility and libido.

Remember that these are just some of the ingredients you will find in MaleExtra and that there are numerous more that will further help you achieve performance levels that you only dreamed of before.


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